Pathways for the Evolution of the Existing Climate Policy Mix

This policy brief describes policy pathways for the evolution of the current EU climate policy mix. It defines combinations of instruments that have a reasonable chance of meeting the desired emissions targets. Policy pathways are defined based on three policy dimensions: 1) Carbon pricing 2) Technology policies and 3) Behavioural Change promotion. Although each pathway focuses more attention in one type of instruments, all packages have a certain combination of the three policy dimensions to meet the targets.

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The Future of Carbon Pricing in the European Union

This policy brief presents insights on the historical and future role of carbon pricing in the EU. The findings discussed are drawn from research undertaken by the CECILIA2050 and ENTRACTE projects. A central pillar of EU climate policy, the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is supposed to guarantee emissions reduction at least cost. Yet, the “flagship” instrument has been paralysed by a surplus of allowances, and resulting low carbon price, and has consequentially not been the driver of low-carbon investment and innovation it was expected to be.

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International Dimensions of EU Climate Policy

This policy brief summarises the insights conducted under the CECILIA2050 project on the international dimensions of EU climate policy. The aims of the research were to understand the economic and political interactions between EU policies and the rest of the world, assess the effectiveness of these measures and determine the legal and political feasibility of policy responses in regards to diminishing the risk of carbon leakage.

Five key conclusions can be drawn from the research.

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Development of Scenarios to 2030 and 2050

After taking stock of the current EU climate policy mix and investigating its sectoral impacts and limitations, the CECILIA2050 project completed a third series of studies, which developed policy scenarios up to 2030 and 2050.

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Current EU Climate Policy: Impacts, Implications and Challenges

After taking stock of the current EU policy mix, the CECILIA2050 consortium conducted a second series of studies on the sectoral impacts and limitations of the existing climate policy instruments.

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Current EU Climate Policy: An Optimality Assessment

The first policy brief summarises the results of the research that has been conducted so far by the CECILIA2050 project.

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