Università di ferrara

The Department of Economics and Management (DEM) is an institution that belongs to
the University of Ferrara (UNIFE), founded in 1391, one of the oldest in Italy. It consists
of eight Faculties (Architecture; Economics; Pharmacy; Law; Engineering; Humanities;
Medicine and Surgery; Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences) and 19 Departments.
From 2000 onwards 18 academic spin-offs have been instituted, operating in the following
industries: Pre-clinical/Clinical and Pharmaceutical research, Biotech, Biology, Genetics,
Chemical, Cosmetics, Electronics, Electrochemical, Photovoltaic, Civil engineering,
Geology, Environment, Acoustics and Vibrations, Aerospace and Nuclear Physics. The
DEM witnesses 43 members with competences ranging from theoretical economics,
mainly the theory of the firm, to quantitative economics in labour, industrial, innovation
environmental fields, to public economics and law & economics issues. Though a fair
integration of theory and applied methods is present, applied research lines are
predominant in the publication performance of the department.