Warsaw Ecological Economics Centre, University of Warsaw

University of Warsaw (UW) has been involved in scientific research in economics since
1953. The Faculty of Economic Sciences (WNE) of the University of Warsaw is one of
the leading scientific centers in economics in Poland, with recognized international
renown related both to the scope and the high teaching level, as well as to the scientific
research undertaken. Warsaw Ecological Economics Center (UW-WOEE) has been
established within the WNE by the decision of the Council of the Faculty of Economic
Sciences in November 1993. This initiative took advantage of the grant complementing
“Pew Scholar Award in Conservation and Environment” granted to Professor Tomasz
Żylicz. UW-WOEE specializes in issues related to the natural environment and
environmental resources and their impact on social welfare, and in particular preference
modeling and non-market valuation, as well as experimental economics. The mission of
the center is to develop, improve and promote economic methods and tools used in
resolving problems related to environmental protection policy and conducting empirical
research concerning the evaluation of environmental resources and the purposefulness
and effectiveness of selected environmental protection programs.