Institute for Economic Structures Research (GWS)

The Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung mbH (GWS) was founded in
1996 by Prof. Bernd Meyer. The analysis of changes of industry structures in the context
of macroeconomic development is the main focus of this research institute. GWS is
specialized on the development and application of economic- environmental models
with a deep disaggregation of sectors, energy carriers and kinds of resources. In this
field GWS developed the model PANTA RHEI for Germany, which is based on national
statistics. The sectorally disaggregated model consists of an economic core, an energy
module, a traffic module, a dwelling module and a material module. The model
GINFORS – based on international data - is a global multicountry/ multisector model
with an economic heart, an energy and a material module. The 50 countries and two
regions of the model are linked by bilateral trade on the sector level. The models of
GWS are used as instruments for policy evaluation by national (German ministries and
other institutions) as well as international authorities (Anglo-German Foundation, EU
Commission, Asian Development Bank, Keio University, Tokio). Furthermore GWS has
expertise in data evaluation and the development of monitoring systems.