Insights from the CECILIA2050 project presented at an international symposium on emission trading schemes in Beijing

11 October 2013

On 11 October 2013, Benjamin Görlach of Ecologic Institute gave a presentation at the international symposium on emission trading schemes in Beijing. His presentation was part of the session that focused on the question how emission trading schemes will be set-up in the future.

During his presentation Benjamin Görlach spoke about the interaction of emission trading schemes with other policy instruments and the implication of this interaction for the optimality of climate policy measures. He argued that optimality involves a range of criteria that have to be clearly specified, and ideally quantified in order to measure the contribution of climate policies to climate targets.

For assessing the optimality of climate measures, a policy analysis should look at the performance of the entire instrument mix. This holistic approach is important, because the number of climate instruments is growing. Policy instruments will therefore overlap and interact even stronger with each other than before. Understanding and managing these interactions will become a key factor for the successful development of future climate policies.

His presentation is now available for download in the section below.