New CECILIA2050 report assesses the impact of policy fragmentation on curbing global GHGs, carbon leakage, and mitigation costs

19 August 2015

A new CECILIA2050 report is now available that assesses the impact a fragmented climate policy approach, in which the EU unilaterally introduces an ambitious mitigation target, has on the success to reduce global temperature rise. The report compares this scenario with other scenarios, in which more states participate in an international climate regime and set a similar target. The report also analyses the impact of these different scenarios on carbon leakage. The report is innovative in this regard, because it incorporates terrestrial carbon leakage (TCL) in the analysis, an aspect mostly neglected so far by other studies. Finally, the report assesses the mitigation costs that arise through the introduction of the mitigation targets for different regions of the world. The full report can be downloaded here.