Two new CECILIA2050 reports on the EU ETS and on the impact of the current climate policy mix on competitiveness and markets available for download

8 January 2014

Two new CECILIA2050 reports have been published and are now available for download in the publication section of our website.

The first report ("Understanding the impacts and limitations of the current instrument mix in detail: industrial sector") is assessing the impact of the EU ETS on the reduction of CO2 in the cement and steel sector. The report comes to the conclusion that the progress has been low. In addition it finds that the ETS has, at least in the short run, not generated any carbon leakage in these industrial sectors.  

The second report ("International competitiveness and markets") answers to the question how the current climate policy mix is influencing industrial competitiveness and new emerging markets. In a nutshell: the report finds that environmental policies can influence competitiveness in various ways, both positively and negatively. Yet, a theory capable to fully explain these interrelations does not exist so far.