Final conference: "EU Climate Policy Beyond 2020 – Options for a Low-Carbon Future"


30 June 2015


“Ateliers des Tanneurs” - Rue des Tanneurs 58, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium


The CECILIA2050 project will hold its final conference, entitled EU Climate Policy Beyond 2020 – Options for a Low-Carbon Future, on 30 June 2015 in Brussels.

This high-level event on the future of EU climate and energy policy will present insights and lessons-learned from the CECILIA2050 research project (a joint effort by ten prominent research institutions from eight European countries), which is currently in its final stage of work. Drawing from a comprehensive synthesis of project results, the conference agenda will focus on options to optimise Europe’s low-carbon policy mix for both the short and long terms, i.e., up until and after 2030, respectively.

Inputs from project consortium members will be complemented by commentary from policy practitioners and fellow academics from a range of sectors and stakeholder groups, including the European Commission, Member States, the European Parliament, as well as industry and NGOs.

The EU has decided on climate targets for 2030; thus, the impetus is now on the efficient implementation of policy instruments to meet these goals. However, with the longer term goal of decarbonisation in mind, the EU must consider the implications of its next choices on the post-2030 options. This conference thus serves as a topical forum to connect current research with the policy-making process, facilitate dialogue on the near and not-so-distant future of climate mitigation and highlight the insights and key messages of the CECILIA2050 project.

The last project conference in March 2014 drew a significant group of experts for discussion – a report, images and the presentation are available here.

Who should attend?

The conference agenda is geared towards an expert audience of relevant policy stakeholders and academia from the EU (and beyond), with a focus on Brussels based representatives. The topic and discussion may also be of interest to relevant stakeholders and Ministry officials from Member State capitals. The venue is limited to 150 participants and registrations will be capped at that level.


If you would like to participate in the event, please follow this link and register for free.


The conference will take place at a beautiful venue in the heart of Brussels called the “Ateliers des Tanneurs” in the Quartier Marolles neighbourhood, walking distance from the iconic Palace de la Justice (Metro Louise) as well as Gare de Midi and Gare Centrale train and metro stations.

Dr. Camilla Bausch, Director, Ecologic Institute (project lead organisation)
Damien Meadows, Advisor, DG CLIMA, Directorate B “European and International Carbon Markets”
High-level keynote: “EU climate and energy policy for 2030 and beyond”
Followed by a question and answer session
Coffee break
Benjamin Görlach, Head of Economics and Policy Assessment, Ecologic Institute
”Key insights from CECILIA2050: recommendations for current and future EU climate policy”
Followed by panel discussion with policy experts in response
• Jason Anderson, WWF
• Richard Baron, OECD Round Table on Sustainable Development
• Gjalt Huppes, Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), University of Leiden
Moderator: Matthias Duwe, Head of Climate, Ecologic Institute
Lunch break
PARALLEL GROUPS: “Starting the transition now – 2020 policies for 2050”
Group 1: Changes to the energy system
Paul Ekins, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources; Paul Drummond, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
Heleen de Coninck, Radbound University
Group 2: Institutions and governance - fit for decarbonisation
Camilla Bausch, Ecologic Institute
Mikael Skou Andersen, Aarhus University
Tomas Wyns, IES
Group 3: Public acceptance and political feasibility of a low-carbon world
Milan Scasny, CUNI
Coffee break
Panel Discussion - Unlocking long-term mitigation options: the role of economic instruments for the EU
• Tobias Brenner, German Environment Ministry (BMUB)
• Anil Markandya, Basque Center for Climate Change (BC3)
• Marco Mensink, Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI)
• Wendel Trio, Climate Action Network Europe
Moderator: Matthias Duwe, Head of Climate, Ecologic Institute
Wrap-up and conclusions followed by a reception