On the Road to 2050 – Improving EU Climate Policy


3 December 2012


Doha, Qatar, Side Event to the Doha Climate Change Conference, Room 8

To reach the long-term climate and energy targets of the EU for 2050 the current policies need to be evaluated and adjusted to be fit for the purpose. This event explores possible improvements to key instruments such as the EU ETS and the use of sector specific roadmaps for industry.

Matthias Duwe, Head- Climate, Ecologic Institute
“The EU’s 2050 targets: a challenge to the research community“
Michael Grubb, Founder and Member of the Executive Committee, Climate Strategies and Editor-in-chief, Climate Policy journal
“Strengthening the EU ETS – making it fit for the 2050 targets”
Tomas Wyns, Director, Centre for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) Europe
“The potential of industrial sector roadmaps for the 2050 targets – and how to realise them”
Tom van Ierland, European Commission, DG CLIMA
“EU preparations for looking beyond 2020 – a response”
Moderator: Andrzej Blachowicz, Managing Director, Climate Strategies